Classes & Meditations

Managing Your Energy and Environment

For those who are extremely sensitive to the energies around them, being around groups of people or in public places can be a challenge.  If you have ever felt exhausted by your environment or interactions with others, you may know this feeling! 

This class will give you tools to help you manage your energy in different situations, helping you stay balanced and comfortable in your surroundings.

This class consists of four 1-hour online classes. 

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Women's Wisdom Series

Have you ever been irritated or annoyed by your mother? Does your daughter drive you crazy? Despite best efforts, do you find yourself repeating family patterns in your life?

Learn how to identify the patterns that challenge you, and what to do to clear these out.

Women's Wisdom 1: Mother-Daughter Wisdom

Women's Wisdom 2: Mother-Daughter Empowerment

Women's Wisdom 3: Mother-Daughter Mastery

Each segment of the Women's Wisdom Series consists of five 1-hour online classes. 

Online Meditation Classes

Coming Soon!

These guided meditations give an opportunity for you to actively participate. More details to follow!

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