Meditation CDs

Oneness Being Meditation


This guided meditation focuses on our connection to all of Oneness, integrating and melding with this energy within our daily interactions and experiences.


This meditation CD features music and chanting by David Rankine.


CD - $15 CAD + shipping

Digital - $10 CAD

Oneness Being (Sample) - Kristen Eva
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Freedom To Be Meditation


This meditation is intended to help with the dissipation and release of energetic cords, connections, and other unresolved issues, and creates space for expansion and the Freedom to Be.


This meditation CD features crystal bowl music by Jeralyn Glass.


CD - $15 CAD + shipping

Digital - $10 CAD

Freedom To Be (Sample) - Kristen Eva
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Oracle Cards

Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards


Balance can only be attained through movement. It is by looking at the relationship between things that establishes meaning. This card deck is meant to be used as a guide, like a compass. The layered meanings for each image will change to fit the question in any moment. Trust yourself and see what is revealed!


These cards are a collaboration by David Rankine and Kristen Eva. These cards may be used for card readings, as part of a daily meditation practice, or as a focal point or intention for the day.


$40 CAD + shipping

Sacred Geometry Paintings

Personalised Paintings


Paintings for spiritual healing and personal support are available for order. A short consultation will be arranged once your order has been placed (up to 15 mins) for you to share your individual request with Kristen. A personalised painting will then be created using sacred geometry and colour to best support the frequency of your healing. Once the painting is completed, it will be mailed to you.


Shipping costs will vary based on delivery location and will be quoted prior to your order being placed. Paintings are done on a 12x12” canvas. Samples are shown. Actual designs will vary.

A short reading and interpretation of your painting and instructions for use will be included with your order. A digital recording will be emailed to you.

$50 CAD + postage and packaging (to be determined based on delivery location)


Estimated shipping rates:      

  • Within Ontario $16

  • Ontario to British Columbia $22

  • Ontario to USA $25