Kristen Eva is a gifted, skilled practitioner and teacher, and a well-respected authority on intuition. Her down to earth approach, along with vast knowledge & experience, helps her students recognize, understand and trust their own ways of knowing. Her course gives people resources and confidence to develop their skills and abilities, a priceless gift that will enrich their lives forever. Using her techniques assists with living a more whole, balanced and self-aware life.

PB, Toronto, ON


Kristen is a naturally gifted and talented healer who has greatly impacted my life in the many years I have known her as both a healing colleague and friend. To those who choose her as a mentor and teacher, her confidence and skillful guidance will empower you to take the steps necessary to go forward into the most magnificent life-changing journey you will ever undertake. When Kristen breaks out in spontaneous laughter, you will not be able to stop yourself from joining in and know that her joyful self is in full support of your journey and of you, with compassion and deep peace.

DC, RN, COHN, Palm Beach, Florida


If you are looking to change your life, expand your knowledge and understanding of Healing and Energy Medicine, then Kristen would be the perfect mentor for your journey. Your sessions with her are sure to expand your healing practices and personal growth. One of Kristen’s amazing talents is in reading cards, each reading she has given has been beneficial and clarifying for me.  Kristen is a gifted healer/teacher/mentor who provides support and gentle guidance as we learn and grow. It is a life changing experience.


MM, Toronto, ON


Kristen Eva is a gifted healer who expresses her soul's gifts with integrity, compassion and deep clarity for what is needed in the moment to move forward. She has a passion for personal and planetary healing and transformation, and combines her teachings with a fine blend of humour and higher perspective, which is the hallmark of a true leader and healer.


PG, Stratford, ON


Thank you so much for all the work and guidance you’ve done with me especially regarding sacred geometry.  It has helped me to better recognize and understand patterns occurring around me as well as many other things.  Your clear guidance and trust has helped to improve my own trust in my guides. I can’t thank you enough.

NS, Kelowna, BC


Kristen Eva is a talented healer. Working with her for the past 12 years, I have been witness to to the depth of her abilities.  If you are being challenged on any level of your life, and you are invested in the healing of your life, Kristen is the healer for you! She can get to what is really affecting you, and assist you to resolve it for good! 

Kim Seer, Medical Intuitive, Communicologist